Bank Levies

Accounts and Bank Levies

Bank LeviesAny tax debts are important to take care of quickly. Never ignore the letters has been received from the Internal Revenue Service. If you ignore these important letters your tax debts will move into the collection. later on, in this cases, IRS may decide to put your debt for collection. These letters are considered as your warnings, so take them seriously. This is when bank levies kicks in which is harsh. Internal Revenue Service is authorized by the department of treasury to give you few warning letters before applying bank levies. After this notices, IRS levy your bank accounts that you possibly has money in them. After this process, they will take your money from your work employer and any accounts that you man have funds. You want to act fast in these cases because they can take any money you have in your accounts.

How does Bank Levy work?

All bank levies are a serious matter, simply because Internal Revenue Service can take your money overnight. They will not consider how you are going to plan for your rent, food, or medical bills. This is what IRS has been allowed to do so. Bank Levis are totally legal, and you only have 10 days to respond after you received their warning.

Apart from your own account, IRS will put a levis in all your joint accounts that have your name on it. You should contact IRS, as soon as possible to find a solution in these matters. By law, you have only 21 days to act after there are bank levies on your accounts.  When the 21 days is over you cannot under no circumstances get your money from Internal Revenue Service.

How to stop IRS?

Our professional opinion is to take care of all IRS issues immediately. Once your money is gone you will not be able to spend your earned income. This will be a wake-up call once you notice you cannot even access your bank account. Once this is done, it’s done, and your only option is to contact the Internal Revenue Service.

In these cases, your best solution is to contact enrolled agents and professional tax and audit assistance at Bellaire Tax Services. Contact us as soon as you get the letters from Internal Revenue Service. We have licensed Tax professionals in Houston and Bellaire, TX, who are prepared to help you. We can handle any and most complicated tax matters for you.