Frequently Asked Questions

The name you decide for your LLC is a vital choice, as it will be the means by which you speak about yourself to potential partners and customers. In light of that, it is fitting that you set aside some opportunity to make a name that you will be glad to have speaking sound to you and your business.

Regardless of being a moderately new choice, the constrained risk-free organization (LLC) is currently the best choice amongst the most prominent business structures for small companies. While permitting entrepreneurs to stay free from a lot of the regulation forced on them by states,  it gives restricted risk assurance to its proprietors (individuals). This implies the individual resources of an LLC’s proprietorship can’t be held responsible for satisfying the obligations and debt of the business.

At Green Tree Tax There is alway Free Consultation. We charge 100$ to analyze your tax audit letters from IRS and explain your situation in detail through a letter and what are your best options to avoid and dismiss the audit correspondents. If you choose to hire us our rate is 200$ an hour for time spent on the tax return Audits. An average audit may cost from 400$ to 3000$.

Yes. Luckily Audit and debt relief are what we do best. Simply call us for a free consultation and our tax professionals will assist and guide you through the audit.

We provide the best service possible and guarantee the quality of work. IRS annually audits millions of people randomly. For that reason alone we cannot guarantee you will not be audited after our tax preparation, however, we can guarantee that you will receive the maximum refund allowable by law.

Our tax preparation is a software program. An accountant or enrolled agent will review your taxes and makes sure everything is done properly and securely before we electronically submit them to IRS. Use of software does not affect individuals who are under audit. Tax audits and correspondence are all filled manually by an enrolled agent or a CPA.

Simply upload your documents to our contact box under tax preparation tab. We might simply contact and ask you to answer few questions regarding your tax documents. Your Refund will be estimated online by tax professionals once this process is done. if you like to accept the return, you simply pay and submit the forms. All estimates are free at this time and you are always welcome to visit our office at 7100 Regency Square blvd Suite 270, Houston, Tx 77036

We highly recommend that you shouldn’t contact IRS right after receiving Audit Notice. But if you’ve already contacted them, we still can help you. We’ll need to assess all the Tax Returns and Notices to evaluate your real situation.

Always remember, every notice from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is serious and should be taken seriously. Share it with us, this will help you identify the real problem. Report your IRS notice to Green Tree Tax,  by calling at 713-384-9432. If you aren’t a Green Tree Tax member, don’t panic, we still can help you by evaluating your Tax notice.

Don’t make any delay and call number on our website. It’s highly recommended that you shouldn’t contact IRS alone. You should share everything that is supposed to be important to further proceedings. After assessing your situation carefully, we’ll then appoint one of our qualified representatives to resolve your issue.