Get Your EIN

Complete Info for Employer Identification Number (EIN) & How to get it!

Employer Identification Number

EIN is the federal 9 digit number to become aware of a business entity and formation. The IRS provides you the Employer Identification Number and you are required to use on all tax filing during the age of your company. There are plenty of time you may use EIN, but mostly it is used for reporting taxes. It is also used for Employment tax Identifications in from W2 and 1099.

You may obtain a free EIN number from Internal Revenue Service.

IRS commonly calls for the following business to EIN for their company

  • Any business that hires personnel, whether if sole proprietorship, LLC, or corporation.
  • Every corporation.
  • All Limited Libltiy companies with more than 1 member.
  • Nonprofitable organizations are also considered corporation. They must obtain Employer Identification Number for their record as well.

How to apply for Employer Identification Number?

You could apply on IRS website:

Usually, a favorite method for people to apply for EIN is from IRS website. Once the form and questions are answered correctly IRS will provide you with the EIN number right away.

You can apply today:

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