Penalty Abatement

Penalty Abatement

Bank Levies & Penalty Abatement

Now not all taxpayers have the capability to pay taxes on time or the selected time. There are consequences if you ignore your payments. In an effort to prevent this case, Internal Revenue made the penalty abatement in order to encourage taxpayers to pay their taxes due to the government. This in a way comforts the taxpayers and encourage them to make the payment to knowing there will no be a penalty. Sometimes the penalties that are imposed by the IRS can be very heavy. This is nothing to worry about because Bellaire Tax Services is ready to help you in any way possible.

Most Important Tax Penalties

Around one hundred fifty consequences may be discovered if you referred to internal revenue publications. Those consequences are addressed based on certain situations. You should know that 74% of the penalties are listed below and are the 3 listed as you see.

The subsequent are the maximum commonplace consequences that a taxpayer has to keep in touch of:

  • Failure-to-pay tax balances on time

This includes 56% of all of the abatement penalties below the IRS. This penalty is imposed whilst a taxpayer doesn’t pay his or her tax bill on the scheduled due date;

  • Failure-to-file taxes

This penalty occurs over 14 percent of the time to citizens. As the name states it is a sort of tax imposed while a taxpayer does now not file a return the scheduled time.

  • Failure-to-deposit commercial taxes

The percentage of this tax is much lower. It is about 4% of the times which is only enforced to businesses. This penalty is imposed to companies who doesn’t file their federal taxes of their employees on time or make errors while filing them.

Issues with Tax Penalties can be difficult to overcome

These tax penalties can be difficult to remove and ask for forgiveness from the Internal revenue Service. This is why Bellaire Tax Services dedicated to helping taxpayers to get control of their financial situations. Don’t hesitate to contact us to see how we can help you with your taxes.