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Non-profit Organization

A non-profit organization can be defined as those businesses whose sole purpose of formation is not to make an income. These companies are more interested in causes that are in the best interest of the public. They use their earnings to obtain this task and use it in the funds for the public.

Please notice: This intention is not to make a profit, however, the do have the income to support their organization.

In case your organization is engaged mainly in educational, clinical, or charitable, you in all likelihood want to shape a nonprofit organization. After forming a non-profit, you will obtain a tax saving heaven and limited protection.

Starting a non-profit organization

Registering your organization as a non-profit corporation will set up legal protections. It will keep you and your director’s assets safe from lawsuits. There are many benefits of forming a non-profit organization. Generally, non-profit companies experience the following advantages:

Liability protection: The administrators and officials aren’t  accountable for the money owed and losses of the dealing with business.

Durability: The non-profit continues even if the director dies or leaves the organization

Donations: Non-profit agencies are eligible for donations from public organizations.

Non-profit organizations generally have a different set of laws in comparing to regular for-profit organizations. Typically, they have the same process to create register the organization. Similar to ordinary agencies, nonprofit businesses need to file articles of incorporation with the state in which they desire to perform.

What’s taxable in case of a non-profit organization?

The IRS requires that non-profit companies ask for tax exempt by filing form 1023. Several states also require non-profit organization wishing to perform work there to ask for tax exempt as well.

The non-profit status normally obtained by corporations is the IRS 501(c) tax-exempt status. Organizations eligible for 501(c) enjoy the following benefits:

Tax-free: eligible non-profit businesses may also claim tax exempt status from federal and state government.

Credibility: Donations to the organization will increase, so donate to a company that has the legit nonprofit status.

Tax-deductible donations. Donations made by using individuals to nonprofit agencies can be tax deductible.

These are some general rules in regard to any non-profit organization. You think you have what it takes to start a non-profit organization? Contact Bellaire Tax Services to start today.